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Are you needing storage space that requires deliveries? We work with UPS, FedEX and Canada Post to accept deliveries on your behalf during business hours. Saving you time and money from having to wait for the delivery to put it in your unit, our staff can sign for and accept deliveries for your unit, have the items placed in your unit and send you a photo and inventory of items delivered immediately. This priceless service is growing more popular every day for the low monthly fee. It is the perfect addition for your company.

Call us today (306) 665-6226 or email us at [email protected] to find out more. This service is available to all of our customers on a monthly basis, so give it a try with no commitments and see how it works for you! We have a growing list of customers using the Concierge Plan and we are confident you will love it also.

Buying gifts and presents off of Amazon for Christmas? Rent a unit for only a month and have the gifts delivered to our office and placed in your unit to avoid any snoopy eyes for the month! It's a great idea used by many customers during the holiday season!

Are you busy at the office all day and can't make it down? Our staff will come to you for any signatures or help with payment issues. It is an amazing time-saving service, keeping you from having to battle traffic and delays and not interrupting your day.