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Looking for Long or Short Term Parking at the Saskatoon Airport?

Saskatoon Airport parking is very expensive, poorly secured and often times full to capacity! BRITEBOX Storage Co. offers a secure location with computer gate controlled access to keep your vehicle safe! For half the price of airport car parking you can park your car or truck for only $7/day (compared to OVER $100/week at the airport)!

How Does Airport Parking Work?

1) It's easy!
2) Call us 306-668-3300 and let us know when you're arriving. Then download UBER on your mobile device and quickly setup an account. (Or use a cab when you arrive)
3) You will receive a special access code to the secure parking lot. Keep this code in your mobile device so it is handy.
4) Arrive at the parking lot (431 Circle Place) and enter your code and park.
5) We recommend using UBER for the best service and price, but cabs can be reached at 306-652-2222.
6) Your UBER or Cab will soon arrive at the front gate ready to take you for the quick jump to the airport.
7) Save a lot of money with BRITEBOX Airport Parking! Get our amazing customer service for free!

Close Airport Car Parking, Easy Access, A Happy Feeling Inside!

Returning to your vehicle is just as easy! When you leave just call our office (306-668-3300) and speak with a member of our staff or leave a voicemail letting us know you are done! We will move you out of the parking space and email you the receipt for the days you spent with us! No funny charges or hidden fees.